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My wife describes me as a serial entrepreneur.


Im the founder of a Private Equity fund focussed on China.

My current favourite quote on Asian business style "no one went bankrupt taking a profit".

Ive lived in Asia for over 12 years investing in and starting up internet, telecommunications, technology and corporate advisory businesses.

I have raised funds from VC’s, private equity investors and public listed companies.

Before coming to Hong Kong I worked as a commercial and finance lawyer specializing in complex and large (up to US$250 million) corporate finance, insolvency and corporate recovery transactions.

I was an advisor and an initiator of OnePort Ltd (, the electronic community for the Port of Hong Kong, the world’s busiest container port. I co-wrote the original strategy, business plan and joint venture arrangements for OnePort and played a diverse and active role in its start-up. This venture is between two of Hong Kong's most powerful dynasties.

I enjoy the Islands of Fiji and in particular Vomo Island Resort ( in which I am an investor.

Sometimes I take a hands on role in an investee company to get them going. In the three months to October 2005 I personally generated US$ 6M in real estate sales.

Im actively seeking investee projects of US$1-5m+ in size.

I have a keen interest in transport & logistics, business process and product development outsourcing, telecoms (especially VOIP related businesses), and intellectual property based businesses.

Like all PE players we will consider any opportunity that presents a strong business case in a large and growing marketspace and a unique defendable competitive advantage. Our corporate advisory services run the full gamut.

We like to have fun and help our investee companies and their shareholders become successful.


My family, my amazingly supportive and talented wife and my delightful baby daughter (LJ).

Im fascinated and intrigued by the mystery of Asia. By the way its not a homogenous place. Many cultures, many unique business environments and styles, diverse legal, tax, currency and risk/rewards.

One of my favourite sayings "If it was easy someone else would have already done it"

I understand, admire and respect Asian business culture.

Im in love with the Islands of Fiji.

I play golf and my handicap is both my arms and legs :-), I snow ski & am a PADI rescue scuba diver.

I enjoy meeting new people & learning about new industries, businesses and business models. I get a huge kick out of seeing an idea go from the whiteboard, into a new business, to customers and profits.

I have a constant need to learn new things and find new challenges. I drive my wife crazy as a consequence.

I hate the gym and am thinking about taking up Ju-Jitsu again, something I did in my youth. Check back in a year.

Ive made a commitment to improve my Mandarin Chinese language skills over the next year. Gulp.

If there are any mainland Chinese Skypers into Private Equity in China and China business Id love to chat!

Im also looking for contributors to this blog to help me expand and maintain the content. Im particularly looking for bloggers in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.